How to Make It: Halloween Pet Scarf

This Halloween scarf will be the bark of the town for any stylish dog on the street.

Written by sawgrass
on September 1, 2023
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Skill Level:  Beginner 

Tools & Supplies To Make It:   

  • DesignMate+ Membership   
  • Sawgrass SG 1000  
  • 15”x15” Heat Press or larger  
  • 11”x17” sublimation paper or larger 
  • Dog Bandana 
  • Lint Roller  
  • Heat Tape   
  • Blowout paper   

How to Create It: 

  • Once you are logged into DesignMate start a New Creation.  
  • In the “Blank Products” tab in DesignMate click on the “Pet” icon, then click on “Pet Scarf” and choose your size.   
  • Click on “Apply” to continue  
  • Go to the “Elements” tab and click on the “Backgrounds” tab.   
  • Go to Patterns and search “Ghost.”    
  • Select the pattern and click “Done.”  
  • Scroll down to select fit on the left panel and move the “size” slider to fill the area to your preference and select “Done.”   
  • Here you can change background color, add a name or simply continue to print.  
  • Once you are happy with the design, choose “CONTINUE” from the top right panel.    
  • Give your design a name and add it to a category and click “Save.”   
  • Here, you can choose to add a description about your design or product and add it to your MarketMates store or continue to print.  

How To Print It: 

  • Click on the “Print” Icon at the top right this will open PrintMate.  
  • In PrintMate, the printer should be set on the Sawgrass SG 1000.  
  • Select the preset to “Polyester T-Shirts”  
  • Select paper size: “US Letter”   
  • Change Print Orientation to “Landscape” if your design is running off the page.  
  • Under the Color Management tab select “Vibrant” for the Color Mode.  
  • Click Print.  

How to Press It: 

  • Turn on and set your heat press to 400F and your time to 45 Seconds.  
  • Run a lint roller over the pet scarf to remove any dust or fibers before sublimating.  
  • Place your design face down and center on the sign, tape down the printed design with heat tape on both sides.  
  • Place the bandana on the lower heat plate and cover the printed design with blowout paper and press for 45 seconds.  
  • Lift top plate and remove the printed design.  Be careful, your design will be hot!  
  • Peel + Enjoy! Happy Halloween!  

Tips & Tricks: 

  • Tear your design instead of cutting to reduce any unwanted press lines. You can also leave your paper larger than your bandana.  
  • Add your pet’s name for fun customization.