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Essential Color Management Software for Sawgrass Printers

Sawgrass Print Manager is sophisticated color management software designed to make things easy with simple setup, intuitive workflow, and powerful print controls.
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Step 1: Unpack Your Items
Step 2: Unpack Your Ink
Step 3: Remove Port Cover and Tape
Step 4: Lift Cover, Remove Tape and Foam
Step 5: Remove All Tape
Step 6: If Using Ethernet ...
Step 7: Attach Power Cord
Step 8: Turn On Power
Step 9: Insert Ink
Step 10: Close Ink Cover
Step 11: Wait for Initial Charge
Step 12: Load Paper Print Side or Shiny Side Down
Step 13: Close Paper Tray
Step 14: Download Print Manager
Step 15: Install Print Manager
Step 16: Insert USB When Prompted
Your Printer is Ready!

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Why Sawgrass Print Manager

Smart Folders

Save folders with different settings or simply drag and drop graphics to quickly initiate the print function.

Custom Paper Sizes

SPM comes with the most common sizes in the industry, but you can also set up and save your own sizes.

Multiple Color Profiles

Thirteen color profiles to support multiple surfaces from ceramic, wood, textile and more, leading to optimal color output.

Print From Popular Software

You can print through Sawgrass Print Manager from popular graphics programs such as CreativeStudio, Adobe, Corel and more.

Flexible File Formats

SPM works with several popular graphic file formats including: .jpg, .bmp, .png, .tif, .sgz, and .pdf.

Custom Colors and Palettes

These palettes can be saved for use when printing or exported to Adobe and Corel to be used during design creation.