Selling: Social Selling Tips

MarketMate is one of the newest editions to the Sawgrass Exchange.  It allows you to set up a digital storefront and sell your products online.

Written by sawgrass
on June 22, 2023
in Sell

If you own a Sawgrass printer, these orders will come to you for you to produce.  We wanted to give you some tips and tricks on how to make the best use of the  social sharing features located within MarketMate.  

Social sharing is a great way to share your creations with your friends, family, or followers as a way to showcase your passion, keep your followers engaged, and increase sales.  With MarketMate, we’ve made it quick and easy to share your products or store directly to your social platforms.  To share a link to your store, go to your My Store profile and click the Share button. From here, you have the option to share a direct post on your personal accounts for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can also copy your direct link for pasting into an email, text or social post. Share links to your store initially to let everyone know about it.  Add some details to your post about what products you’ll be selling and what types of designs buyers can expect to see.  Whenever you add several new designs, share the links again to let potential customers know that new product designs have been added.  On sites like Instagram and Facebook, pin posts with your store information so it’s right at the top whenever someone thinks of your store and wants to go shop.  

When you would like to share an individual product, go to your desired product and click the links icon under the product thumbnail.  From here, you have the option to share a direct post on your personal accounts for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can also embed the link into an email or copy your direct link for pasting into a text or social post. 

In addition to social sharing, MarketMate also offers the ability to share your individual products using quick links. Quick links offer the ability to not only share a more customized experienced to your followers, but their shortened format makes them a great tool for social selling. To access quick links, go to your desired product and click the View Details button. This will take you to the Product Detail page.  

From here, click the Share button in the top right corner. This will reveal three quick links. 

The first link, generates a quick link that will send your followers directly to this product’s detail page. Customers can review your product and add to cart or use the customize button to personalize the product and make it their own.  This feature will only be available if you enabled customizing.  You can also choose how much the product can be changed in the Lock Layers feature.  

The second link is the Cart Shortcut link. When clicked, this link will automatically add your product to the customer’s cart and take the customer to checkout. This link is perfect for non-customizable products.  Our last link is our Designer Shortcut link. This link is exclusively for products that can be personalized by the customer. When clicked, this link will directly open the DesignMate designer tool. Users can make their edits and then add straight to their cart.  

That’s the basics of sharing your products on social media.  We’ll be adding more selling tips each month, so make sure to check our blog area for updates!