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PrintMate 2024.0.0: Release Highlights

A look at the new features you’ll find in PrintMate Release 2024.0.0!

Written by Sawgrass
on March 26, 2024
in Tech Tips

We released a new version of PrintMate on Tuesday, March 26, 2024.  In this release, you’ll see bug fixes including: 

  • Resolved ‘Ink Rescanning’ icon continuously spinning.
  • Resolved ‘Choose Ink Type’ button displaying ‘Please Wait’ persistently.
  • Resolved error when trying to print an SVG file.
  • Other bug fixes and performance enhancements.

There will also be three new features included in the release.


With recents, users will now be able to re-print jobs they had previously sent to PrintMate. It does not matter how jobs were sent to PrintMate, if the jobs were then sent to the printer, the file will be saved and can be accessed from the Recents icon in PrintMate.  Customers control how many jobs are saved and they can also access what settings were used for these jobs.

Shortcuts for Menu Items

All functions in the PrintMate menus will now have keyboard shortcut functionality.  The shortcuts for each can be seen through any of the pull down menus in PrintMate.

Guides Added to Help Menu

Two new guides have been added to PrintMate.  From the Help Menu, you’ll be able to open a Tech Tip and a Press Guide.  The Tech Tip will change periodically and will feature information that will be handy to view in PrintMate.  Currently, this is information on the printer LCD messages that will be seen for ink levels. The second guide offers the suggested Time, Temperature, and Pressure settings for various product materials.  While the information provided by the dealer for the specific product being pressed is always the most accurate, these recommendations are useful when that information is not available.  While both guides have mirror off to assist in reading, mirror can be turned on and the guides printed and pressed so they will always be at hand.

For more information on this release, check out our What’s New page on our website.