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What’s New

Want to know what’s changed with your favorite Sawgrass product? We’ve listed our release notes below.


New Features:
Recents: Quickly reprint previously printed jobs.
Job Menu with Keyboard Shortcuts to quickly perform the most common tasks.
Help menu now includes some useful guides.

Bug fixes:
Resolved ‘Ink Rescanning’ icon continuously spinning.
Resolved ‘Send to PrintMate’ creating multiple instances of itself on macOS.
Resolved ‘Choose Ink Type’ button displaying ‘Please Wait’ persistently.
Resolved issue where cropping an image with no white space would create a file larger in dimensions than the original.
Resolved error when trying to print an SVG file.
Resolved significantly large images causing the app to hang.
Other bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Added centering to Quick Print and Send to PrintMate settings.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Resolved: Printers will now accurately display online/offline status.
Fixed: White screen on first launch.

VJ-628 color output improvements.
VJ-628 now fully supported in Quick Print and Send to PrintMate (Windows).
Improved handling of Adobe EPS files and images from Samsung Galaxy devices.
User interface enhancements.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.

User interface improvements.

Enhancements to firmware update process.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Enhancements to Crop to Image Area.

Crop to Image Area: Image dimensions will now reflect the size of the actual image.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Merge Jobs: Combine multiple job tabs into one for easy work consolidation.
Bitmap Image Support: Work with bitmap images directly without format conversions.
Password Reset: Reset your password directly from the login screen.
Bug Fixes: We’ve resolved some issues for a better app experience.

Security: Important security updates have been applied.

Clear White Space: Easily remove excess white space from images to fit more on a page, or simply change the gap between images.
Center: Ensure your print job is printed in the middle of your paper.
Rotation: Need to turn that image sideways, but don’t want to go back to your design software to do so? We can now do it for you.
Bug Fixes: We’ve resolved some issues for a better app experience.

Improved Printer Connection: More accurate ink level readings.

Bug Fixes: We’ve fixed some issues to enhance app performance.

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements: This update improves app stability and performance.

Initial release: Welcome!

January 23, 2024
Resolved ‘scroll to load more’ issue when searching.

January 18, 2024
Resolved issue with crop functionality.
Resolved missing design categories.
Removed border on printing of custom canvas designs.
Resolved text edit discrepancies when rotation is used.

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